Running costs will depend on a number of factors including; your system’s cooling capacity and star rating, the room size that you intend to cool, your system’s thermostat settings and operating times and your electricity tariff.

Estimates of 10 year running costs are available from the energy rating website. Search “Air conditioners”, then select brand name “Panasonic” and cycle type “Reverse cycle”.

You should have your air conditioning system serviced by a technician at least once a year. Filters can be easily cleaned by the home owner and we recommend twice a year, before summer and winter. People living in dusty environments will require more frequent cleaning of filters.
Usually it’s only a matter of a couple of days. We can come out to your home at your convenience during the day or in the evening. To recommend the right size system for you we will look at the direction of the sun on windows and walls, existing insulation and room size and use.
Most of our wall hung split system installations can be done in three to four hours, although every job is different and some take longer than others. A ducted system in an existing home will generally take a full day.
The experts at Access Air will be happy to come to your home and calculate your cooling requirements. They will then be able to recommend a system that is the correct size and model to meet your family’s needs. Please call us for more details.
No.  Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria found in warm, stagnant water. Refrigerated air conditioners such as domestic refrigerated/reverse cycle integrated and split systems remove

heat and moisture from air without using water. They do not cause Legionnaires´ disease.

Inverter air conditioners are designed to give you exceptional energy saving performance while ensuring you stay comfortable at all times. At the start up of an air conditioner’s function, powerful operation is required to reach the set temperature. After the set temperature is reached, less power is required to maintain it. A conventional non-inverter air conditioner can only operate at a constant speed which is too powerful to maintain the set temperature. Thus, in attempting to achieve this, it switches the compressor ON and OFF repeatedly. This results in wider temperature fluctuations leading to wasteful consumption of energy. Inverter air conditioners vary the rotation speed of the compressor. This provides a highly precise method of maintaining the set temperature.

Unlike a conventional non-inverter air conditioner which consumes a lot of energy, an inverter air conditioner reduces wasteful operation – giving you energy savings of up to 50% on cooling mode.

If you’re like many people, the frustration of an equipment breakdown can make it tempting to solve the problem with a quick fix that doesn’t cost you a lot of money. That way you can get on with your busy life in relative comfort. But while a quick fix may be the least expensive solution in the short run, it may not give you the most value in the long run.

There’s also an ongoing cost factor. Repairing an old system can only restore it to something less than its original level of efficiency. After you’ve recovered from the repair bill and the frustration of a system breakdown, you’ll still be battling high energy bills. What’s more, even a system that doesn’t break down loses efficiency as it ages. A 15-year-old system doesn’t operate anywhere near the efficiency it had when it was new! Plus, when compared with modern, technologically advanced equipment, 15-year-old cooling systems are considered inefficient by today’s standards. The average homeowner can save up to 50% on cooling costs with new high-efficiency equipment.

Here are some rules of thumb to help you decide whether to replace or repair.

Replace your system if:

* it is more than 10 years old and only in average condition
* it does not keep you as comfortable as you would like
* it breaks down frequently
* you will be living in your home for at least five more years

Repair your system if:

* it is less than 10 years old and in good condition
* you’re pleased with your level of comfort
* its performance is reliable
* you will be moving within the next five years
* it is still under warranty


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